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Little Candle
Little Candle

Little Candle

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These mini, long-burning soy wax candles will keep you cozy and warm, while making your home smell oh-so-sweet. These candles are housed in brass-colored tins and are handmade in Chicago, IL especially for Milk Handmade. Choose your favorite scent!

20-hour burn time. Locally grown soy wax and a cotton wick for a slow, clean burn. 


Olive Branch: A cult favorite. Lightly floral and fresh, like a branch that's just beginning to bloom. 

Horchata: Our most popular scent! Perfectly balanced ground cinnamon and vanilla. A sweet candle for people who hate sweet candles. This one is a hit with real estate agents — that's right, it's good enough to sell your house. 

Bergamot Tarragon: Owner Hallie's personal favorite, this balanced herbal and citrus rind scent is perfect for when you want your home to smell wonderful, but not like any one thing in particular. 

Teakwood & Cardamom: Spicy, woodsy, and warm. Like men's cologne, in a good way.

Forest Pine: Get a fake tree and burn the candle — it smells just as good as the real thing. We won't tell anyone if you burn this perfect Christmas tree scent all year round. 

Campfire: Smokey and woodsy, like throwing a bunch of sticks into a bonfire. 

Greenhouse: Leafy and fresh. That indescribable whiff you get walking into greenhouse that always magically improves your mood.

Balsam: Like chopping down your own Christmas tree. Similar to our classic Forest Pine scent, but with a hint more cedar. 

Pineapple Cilantro: Citrus with a twist of cilantro. The perfect embodiment of summer.

Lily of the Valley: Promoting happiness and improving memory, this English wildflower lends a sweet, magical scent to any space. 

Blood Orange: Sharp, citrusy, and strong. Smells like fresh squeezed, not Sunkist.