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TORCH Essential Oil Roller Blend

TORCH Essential Oil Roller Blend

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Inspired by tranquil summer nights spent around a crackling campfire, this fragrant oil does triple-duty as a mood-lifter and relaxation aid. Frankincense and Vetiver lead with smoky wood notes grounded by the earthy undertones of Patchouli and Sandalwood, followed by spicy Black Pepper. A sweet blend of Clary Sage, Vanilla and Jasmine round out this unisex fragrance. Inhale deeply and you’ll detect a twist of Bergamot- and Orange-infused citrus.

Roll on wrist, neck and décolletage to wear as a personal fragrance, dab on wrists and inhale for an anytime mood balance. You can also blend a few swipes with your favorite body lotion for an all-over scent. The convenient rollerball glass is ideal for travel, whether you’re headed for Big Sur or a boutique hotel.

0.33 fl oz / 10ml

Made by Kenna Nicole in Michigan